New Members:

The following information is provided to assist new members.  Chapter 643 has this website,, which is open to the public.  The chapter also has a closed Facebook Group and a restricted Yahoo Group.  Access to these groups is limited to current chapter members. 

To join the chapter, please complete the following steps:
  • Join EAA at

  • Complete the Membership Application and submit along with your dues.  Please note that your EAA membership number is required.  The application form may be emailed to our Treasurer and dues may be paid here, our chapter store.

  • Once the application is processed by our Treasurer, you'll receive an invite to the EAA643 Yahoo and Facebook Groups via email.  

  • Chapter shirts & hats are available for order here.

The EAA Chapter 643 Yahoo Group 

This group is for the free exchange of information among chapter members concerning topics such as upcoming events, seminars, aircraft technical information, flight instruction, local airport issues, aviation legislation, and any other information pertinent to Chapter activity.  It is accessible via email and via the web.
Access to the EAA643 Group is limited to current chapter members. 
Click here for:   Group Home

Click links below for additional help re Yahoo Groups:

     Overview of Yahoo Groups
     Get started with the "Conversations" page in Yahoo Groups
     Sign up for a Yahoo account
     Change your name or membership info in Yahoo Groups
     Change your personal email address in a group

Last updated: 1-22-2019