Next Chapter Gathering –
Monday Feb 19, 2024 

EAA 643 Members:

We want to remind you about our upcoming monthly chapter meeting scheduled for Monday, Feb 19 at Sky Manor.  We will be in our airport meeting room.

Food/hanger talk at 6pm and the meeting will kick off at 7pm.

A couple of things to think about:
  * We need someone who would be willing to schedule speakers.  This can be a fun rewording contribution to the chapter.  Please think on it, you do not necessarily find the speaker all the time, but lead the charge and coordinate.
  * The other item is someone to take the lead on the idea of our chapter having its own facility.  This is going to take some time and research to see what the possibilities are.

As usual, we welcome guests and potential new members.  All are welcome.

Last updated: 2-16-2024