Sponsored by EAA Chapter 643


To provide a $2500.00 scholarship to an individual Student Pilot in passionate pursuit of their Private Pilot’s certificate.



EAA Chapter 643 of Sky Manor Airport has developed a scholarship, in the form of financial assistance, for student pilots in current pursuit of their Private Pilots Certificate. The purpose of the scholarship is to grow the general aviation community by assisting additional pilots, who share our passion, to complete their training. A $2,500.00 scholarship will be available for 2023. All scholarship funds awarded will be made payable directly to the student’s flight school. 


Scholarship Criteria

Applicants must meet the following criteria for scholarship consideration:

   Must be in pursuit of Private Pilot Certificate

   Must have a letter of recommendation from flight instructor providing primary training

   Must be 16 years of age or older

   Must have successfully completed the FAA written examination

   Must have a current FAA Medical Certificate

   Must have solo endorsement prior to application

   Must complete a 2023 EAA 643 Scholarship Application

   Must be in good financial status with flight school providing training

   Must complete a 500-word essay (topic on application)

How do I apply?

Click here for:  2023 application  &  further instructions

Application deadline is December 30, 2023.

Please contact Scholarship Committee member here: Adam Silverstein  
or at 908-803-8301 with any questions.

Thank you.


Last updated: 3-22-2023