Chapter 643 Events from 2018

DateTopic  Speaker
 Jan 15

Jan 27
Scholarship Winner
Chapter Member Survey & Discussion
Aviation Legal Issues for Pilots

Great Lakes Restoration
Members only visit to Joe Preston’s Workshop, 8:30-11:00AM
Frederick Slapa & Scholarship Committee
 Brent Connelly
 & all members 
Patrick Bradley

Joe Preston
 Feb 19Formation Flying
Member Survey & 2018 Plans
  Adam Silverstein
Brent Connelly
 Mar 19 Helicopter Aviation
Pilot Briefing on Cross Border Flying to Canada (part 1 & part 2)
 Meeting Summary
Tim Lelie
Don Kugler

 Apr 16

Apr 21
Membership Introductions
Adventures of a “Missileer”
Meeting Summary

 Young Eagles Rally
All Members
Rich Kulesa

Frederick Slapa & all members 
May 21Volunteering in Aviation
  - Onsite at Airventure
                        - Restoring & Maintaining Warbirds
 Flying at High Altitude Airports
Meeting Summary

Bill & Sophia Shay
Tony & Robbie DeVergillo
Adam Silverstein

 Jun 16

 Jun 18
Innovations in Flight – Smithsonian, Dulles Airport

Chapter Field trip to Jerry Cotter’s Workshop
All Members

Jerry Cotter
 Jul 16All things AluminumJoe Preston
(meeting at lower hangars)
 Aug 20Spirit Flights 
Monthly Summary
Doug Logg
All Members
 Sep 8/9

Sep 17
 EAA 643 Fly-In

RC Aircraft
Flying with Floats
Meeting Summary
All Members

Robbie DeVergillo 
Lee Hilbert

 Oct 15

Oct 20
Oshkosh Adventure
Meeting Summary

Young Eagles Rally
Doug Logg

Frederick Slapa & all members 
 Nov 19
Now that I have a GoPro camera, how do I use it?

Brent Connelly Craig Johnson
 Dec 8 Holiday Party        All Members 

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